60 years of Designing Custom Handmade Knives

Completely free-handed ground from raw stock, which makes Harrison Custom Knives truly unique.

Hi, I’m Dan Harrison. I’ve been designing and making knives for over 60 years. For 15 years, I designed and/ or made custom series knives for such international knife companies as Alcas, Kershaw, and Browning, as well as numerous other knife companies, businesses, and foundations. During this time, I obtained several patents in mechanical design and had the honor of winning two international awards for knife design and the “1986 American Made Knife of the Year”. As an added honor, I was chosen to represent Texas knife makers at the Texas Folk Life Festival for three years in a row.

I am not limited to design or size as I free-hand grind my blades from raw stock. D-2 tool steel (shear blade & punch press die steel) is my choice for hard working blades . I believe it has no equal for strength and toughness. The beauty and unique patterns of Damascus steel is my favorite for collector’s pieces. I heat treat every blade , using a 12 hour process.

I enjoy talking with customers to discuss the selection of materials, design and specifications, as well as just to keep in touch. Harrison Custom knives can be found in the collections of celebrities, movie makers, world leaders, and my loyal customers. GUARANTEE: You must be completely pleased or receive a full refund.

Dan's knife smithing accolades

Over 60 years of success in the industry

Awards include the “1986 American Made Knife of the Year“, and the “1987 Shot Show Award of Merit” (for design). I also had the honor to be chosen to make the “1998 Shot Show Knife” (In co-operation with Baron Technologies) and the honor to represent Texas knife makers for three consecutive years at the annual “Folk Life Festival in San Antonio”.

Dan hold numerous patents in mechanical design for his knives and had the pleasure of designing and creating knives for well-known names and companies such as Ka-bar, Kershaw and Browning.

Dan Harrison’s knives have been on display in museums of fine art both here and abroad and are found in the private collections of well known sportsmen, world leaders, celebrities and appreciated customers like you.

7`` Collector Bowie
D2 Tool Steel

It takes a Team

For years we've been working together to Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

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Dan Harrison
The Man, Myth and Legend
Over 60 years of knife smithing experience. Numerous Awards and mechanical design Patents to his credit. `` I enjoy talking with customers to discuss the selection of materials, design and specifications, as well as just to keep in touch.
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Carol Harrison
Artist, Writer and Leathersmith
After more than 40 years of making the leather sheaths for Harrison Custom Knives, Carol has passed that responsibility on to SOMETHING SOMETHING. But she is still the driving force behind Harrison Custom Knives and Dan.
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After retiring as a truck driver, Karl showed up a few years ago and never left the shop.
What our Customers/Friends have to say

Your opinion and respect is a great reward for our work

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