One-of-a-Kind Collector Knives that will get Top Billing in most Collections

From Bowies to daggers and other amazing knife selections, my collection of custom collector knives has everything true knife lovers want. Sharp, long lasting, and specifically made to your liking, everyone who appreciates a beautiful knife deserves to have a one-of-a-kind collector knife that will last for generations.

Bowie - Collector Knives
Kris Collector Knives
The Knife they said “CAN NOT BE MADE”. Each one is a piece of art.
Collector Daggers
From 4 to 6 inch blade lengths. These unique Collector Daggers are the perfect conversation piece in anyones collection.
The Famous Hondo Bowie
Designed by Dan himself, this turns the normal Bowie up a few notches with its aggressive unique tip.
The M-3-A Fighting Collector Knife
Most knife enthusiast usually don’t consider Fighting knives collectable, until they see Dan’s Custom M-3-A Fighting knives. Click to view more.
The Croc Collector Bowie
Based on the movie, this collector knifes broadened point always impresses. Click to View More.
Special Editions
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Special Editions
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