Handcrafted Hunting, Collector and Fighting Knives by a Texas Legend

Over 60 years of hand grinding one-of-a-kind custom knives

At Harrison Custom Knives, Dan makes 100% custom handmade knives that any knife enthusiast will adore. Whether you want collector knives, fighting knives, or hunting knives, Dan is the craftsman to contact for long-lasting custom knives that will do you right for years to come. Always sharp, always steady, he makes every knife completely by hand using raw stock and without the use of automatic grinding machines, milling machines, fixtures, or jigs.


Custom Hunting Knives by Dan Harrison

68 years of crafting beautiful hard working hunting knives

All of Dan’s hunting knives are handmade with the finest steel available and are great for tactical hunting. Whether you need to field dress, skin a deer, or simply gut a fish, one of his custom knives will get the job done and continue to do its job whenever you need it. Give yourself a hunting knife that can be enjoyed throughout the hunting season and passed down to the next generation of your family hunters.

Collector Knives by Dan Harrison

One-of-a-kind collector knives that will get all the attention in most collections

From Bowies to daggers and other amazing knife selections, Dan’s collection of custom collector knives has everything true knife lovers want. Sharp, long lasting, and specifically made to your liking, everyone who appreciates a beautiful knife deserves to have a one-of-a-kind collector knife that will last for generations.



Fighting Knives
by Dan Harrison

All of Dan's famous custom fighter knives are perfectly balanced pieces of art

Dan’s highly acclaimed custom fighting knives include the M-3-A Knife and the beautiful Speed Fighter Knife. All of his fighting knives are guaranteed to be long-lasting, and are shipped to you sharp and ready to go. At Harrison Custom Knives, Dan’s knives are 100% custom handmade, made to order, and completely one-of-a-kind to the collector.

Learn Hands On with a Texas Legend in Knife Making

Dan Harrison Knife Making School

Dan has always enjoyed passing along his craft from kids to retirees and everyone in between. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the Texas Legend and leading knife designer in the knife industry for over 60 years. The two day hands on class has only a few openings each month and they fill up fast. Learn knife construction and hand grinding blades and each student gets the Harrison Knife School Guarantee. Click to learn more and see lots of photos from our May class.


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