Learn Hands-On with a Legend in Knife Making

68 years of Knife Smithing and Grinding Blades Free Hand

Dan Harrison
60 years of making knives by hand

Dan has always enjoyed passing along his craft from kids to retirees and everyone in between. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the Texas Legend and leading knife designer in the knife industry for over 60 years. His custom knives have been purchased by Royalty, Presidents, Governors, Collectors and Museums across the world.

Harrison Knife Making School only has a few openings each month

Dan and his sidekick Carl only take a few students each month so classes fill up quick. Each class is two full days of hands on instruction, includes the TWO Bandera knifes you make and the Dan Harrison Guarantee he will do whatever it takes for you to learn to grind a sellable blade. Scroll further to learn more about what day one and day two have in-store.  June (FULL), July (FULL), August 13-14 (SPACE AVAILABLE), September (SPACE AVAILABLE), October (SPACE AVAILABLE)

Tuition - $950

For the two days of hands on classes in knife making and hand grinding blades that also includes the TWO Bandera knifes that you make and sheath you finished. 

This also includes Dan’s Guarantee that you will be able to grind a sellable blade no matter how long it takes. As a student you can come in anytime later when the shop is open (not on a class day) and work on your blade grinding skills, with additional instruction from Dan or Carl until you can grind a sellable blade.

Contact Dan by phone at 903 714-5911 or email at dwhclh@msn.com to sign up or see when space is available

The Harrison Knife School Guarantee

Dan will guarantee you will be able to hand grind a sellable blade no matter how long it takes. You can come into the shop and work on blade grinding during shop hours under their guidance. No matter how many times or how long it takes.

Day 1: Knife Construction and Handle Shaping

The morning starts with knife construction. Each student will choose from the woodbin the handle material they like, and receive the brass, and an unpolished hand ground Bandera blade. The rest of the morning is filled with learning each step to attach the rough components to the blade. Students will have two hours for lunch while the components set. After lunch the fun begins. With hands on instruction from Dan and Carl each student will work on the shop machines to shape and customize their handles. Some students finish quick, others take all day or longer. When happy with the results, the next step is learning how to polish the blade, brass and handle into a beautiful finished product.

we start with all the parts
Students get to pick their handle material
Phase 1 knives from May 2016 Students
Hands on Personal Instruction
Handle Construction
Hands On Instruction
Beginning the Handle Shape
Shaping Handle

Day 2: Hand Grinding Blades

68 Years of Hand Grinding Techniques Passed Along to Each Student

Day two starts hands on with Dan and Carl learning the techniques of grinding a D2 tool steel blank into a sharp, beautiful sellable blade. Learning these techniques from a knife making legend is priceless. Dan knows every student works at a different pace. Some quickly catch on and become comfortable with the machines, some take awhile. Students get as far along as they can on the second day. All students are welcome to come back as long as it takes, as many times as it takes, until they learn to grind a quality sellable blade. This is the Dan Harrison Knife School Guarantee.

Hand Grinding a Sellable Blade
Hands on Personal Instruction
Dan will work with you as long as it takes
Finishing a Sellable Knife

Learn Hands On with a Texas Legend in Knife Making

Dan Harrison Knife Making School

Contact Dan by phone at 903 714-5911 or email at dwhclh@msn.com to sign up or see when space is available.